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Hi thanks for visiting our website. Allow us to introduce you to Miller’s Landscaping, a trusted & family owned landscaping company in Worcester, MA. It is here where most landscaping companies will tell you all the obvious, we provide great work, no job too small, dependable etc., etc. Well shouldn’t that be obvious? Shouldn’t every company provide those essentials?

Where we differ is that each day we aim to provide landscaping & tree services to everyone. Meaning there isn’t a budget we can’t work with or a project we can’t handle. You work directly with our company owner Matt Miller who will consult you on your best options to have an absolutely beautiful yard at a price you can afford.

Whether it be lawn mowing, mulching, tree trimming or complete tree removal our experienced team is available to handle it, taking great pride in their work.

Give us a call today we look forward to working on your property and giving you the yard you deserve.

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  • Mowing
  • Mulching
  • Tree Trimming, Pruning & Removal
  • Weekly & Bi-Weekly Maintenance
  • Seasonal Clean-Ups
  • Commercial & Residential

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